Best 2011 American Idol Contestants

Even before the contestant list was finalized it was clear that this year was going to be different, and for the better. Whether it was because of the buzz generated by the new faces on the judges panel or the expanded age limits, the talent level in the 2011 competition was being hailed as the best ever before auditions have even concluded.

Phone voting will ultimately tell who is crowned the 2011 American Idol, but lets find out who you think is really the best contestant and why.
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Scotty McCreery

he is the best country singer I ever heard I really enjoy his voice he is very professional when he sing. no one can top this boy in his game of country music lauren sound is too familiar even if its very pretty/maybe they will hookup with a hit togeather

Scotty is the best because his voice is so professionnal...
I hope you win... You deserve it...

simple just best great voice you wonder where it comes from like elvis

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2James Durbin

I thought America had only its politics screwed up but now I know American is screwed up all over. How could you vote those silly girls and the loppy country boy over James Durbin? For heaven's sake America get your heads checked. You are guys going down all around. I WAS SO SURE FOR ONCE AMERICA WILL GET IT RIGHT AND GIVE THE IDOL ON A GOLD PLATTER TO JAMES DURBIN. I WILL NEVER EVER AGAIN WATCH AMERICAN IDOL.

He is just so vocally talented
I think he deserves to win

just listen to that voice!

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3Haley Reinhart

great voice and look. didn't give in to judges stupid pressure and criticzm on song choices. took big chances and delivered every week. best rock, blues, country singer idol has ever had. performed the best duets of any idol performer. withstood the attempts of idol judges to get her voted off for all those weeks. talented, confident, beautiful young singer!

She has a great spirit

strong singer

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4Casey Abrams

he was so talented in so many ways he should of won the whole thing! he had a unique way of expressing himself! he was way more talented then most of the contestents! haley rienhart and jacob lusk should have went home before him!

he was too good to try and make a good version of big songs like most of the others, he made them his own and made them bigger through the amazing way that he performed them.

5Lauren Alaina

Young, talented, humble, all American girl next door, and she has only just begun to explore her vocal abilities. With the right songs she could have a great career in country music whether she wins Idol or not.

6Pia Toscano

she is so amazing and im very sad she was voted off the show but good luck pia

She is a natural! Her looks, her voice, the overall package is amazing! She is undoubtedly the next American Idol!

She is true artist... Amazing voice just give her the American Idol title

7Thia Megia

the voice like angel. she can delivery very good song and make people very proud to see she sing in the stage. she is the voice of glory and for me she is best of american idol season 10

8Jacob Lusk
9Stefano Langone

Stefano Langone has amazing dance skills, a perfect body, a good life story, and on top of that- an amazing voice. He definitely is full of talent and will go far.

10Naima Adedapo

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11Paul McDonald

Paul was like a young Rod Stewart with time he will be walking in his shoes. Hang in there and keep smiling and use that wonderful voice, give it all you have as soon as you start singing at the first. Love ya

12Karen Rodriguez
13Jovany Barreto
14Ashthon Jones
15Kendra Chantelle
16Tim Halperin

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