Best Vampire Weekend Songs

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2Oxford Comma

Love this song, like ZOMGASH, its just amazing, and really really catchy, and it makes me want to dance to it like crazy, just a really good song, thats all :)

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Love this song! One of my favourite songs ever. I think the violins really make it special. I think it is by far the best Vampire Weekend song. To me, this would come first, then A-Punk, and then Oxford Comma.

This, White Sky, and Horchata are my top three. But Oxford Comma is number one on too. Guess I'm different!

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4Holiday Listen to sample
5Mansard Roof Listen to sample
6Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa Listen to sample
7Giving Up the Gun

I love it. it encourages me... as I don't know how to play tennis... I love the song and love to go to tennis...

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Really cool. Nice sounding. Sounds different to the others. I love the lyrics as well - really random but great

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9Walcott Listen to sample
10Cousins Listen to sample


11The Kids Don't Stand a Chance Listen to sample
12Campus Listen to sample
13I Stand Corrected Listen to sample
14Bryn Listen to sample
15White Sky Listen to sample

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