Best Rock Bands of All Time

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The Beatles

if Elvis was the king then the Beatles would be congress making all the rules

Like them or not, the simple fact is that every other band on this list was influenced directly or indirectly by The Beatles. Not a bad legacy for a band that was only together for a decade.

2Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin are the gods of rock. Robert Plant's vocals are amazing and Jimmy Page's riffs are legendary. Not to mention the amazing drumming of John Bonnam. Stairway to Heaven is the greatest rock song ever made. And the Drumming in Moby Dick is outstanding. Led Zeppelin deserve to be top of the list.

P.S I'm 13 years old

3The Rolling Stones
4Pink Floyd

It's a very nice british band


U2 suffers from a lot of backlash and Bono hating, but when you look past image and focus solely on their catalog of songs, their body of work is truly amazing.


The most versatile, charismatic and talented frontman ever, who along with Brian May wrote incredible songs and anthems. These guys were true showmen.

8The Beach Boys
9The Who


13Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
17The Bee Gees
20Dave Matthews Band
21The Jimi Hendrix Experience
22Pearl Jam
23Deep Purple
24Teenage Fanclub
26Bullet for My Valentine

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