Best Dave Matthews Band Albums

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Before These Crowded Streets

Come on people! This is hands down their greatest work! Everything about it is first rate. It's polished, brilliant, and complete.

Starts off with some pep and finishes with five 7-8 minute songs that blend perfectly and despite their length, leave you wanting more.


An amazing listen from start to finish. This is one of those albums where you don't just listen to album for the individual songs. You have to listen to the entire thing in order for the complete amazing experience.

3Under the Table & Dreaming

Starts off with one of the best lesser known DMB songs and then features some of their biggest hits.

4Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King

After a series of disappointments, it was great to have DMB back. The album may not be a return to their roots, something many people (myself included) are still hoping for and fear will never happen now that Moore is gone, but songs like Funny the Way It Is and Dive In show that the band can still make great music.

5Busted Stuff

One of the forgotten albums between Streets and Whiskey, but still a good one. Even if you already gave it a try and dismissed it, I'd suggest digging it up again.

The lyrics are intense and are equally matched by inspired musicality. The themes of mortality and longing are clear and passionately expressed. Grey Street is classic Dave. Where Are You Going demonstrates Dave's attention to the theme of intimacy. You Never Know powerfully states the temporal nature of life. Bartender is an amazing expression of Existential Angst in response to mortality. I've listened to it more and more as I've gotten older (now 52). As a musician that covers Dave, I do more song from this album than any others.

This was a underrated album and deserving of a award winning album. I really enjoy You Never Known recording, which in my opinion is one DMB's greatest song ever. I demand a apology to those who would disagree.

6Remember Two Things

It's the first studio album and it shows. The timing and polish simply isn't there. That said, I still love this album. It's like going back in time and getting a taste of the greatness to come. It has a youthful optimism about it and even though some of the top songs from the album were re-released on Under the Table (Satellite, Ants Marching, Tripping Billies), there are a number of excellent songs that were not like One Sweet World, Minarets, and my favorite, The Song that Jane Likes.


Features a couple of radio hits that got DMB on the map, but certainly wasn't a good showcase for the people who were just being introduced to the band.

8Stand Up

Stolen Away is an excellent track and there are a few other decent songs, but then there are also some real stinkers.

9Away From the World

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