Best Bruno Mars Songs

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The Lazy Song

i like this song because it is cool.


i love this beacuse i love it it's amazing, wonderful i love bruno mars

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2Just the Way You Are

just the way you are is a very beautiful song

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I love this song, and he look so cute

This song is so catchy. The tune is so enjoyable,and it also tells a story in the song. How the girl has not ever loved him, but he always loved her and is very sad to find out. He'll even catch a grenade for her but she wouldn't though.

It shows that Bruno worked hard but he got nothing out of his girl and I know how to play it in guitar, that's how much I love this song. He'll do anything like die to get her, I don't think she sees that.

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4Marry You Listen to sample
5Talking to the Moon

I think if I heard this song many times already, I'll never feel bored or hate. but I do so love this song and this song the best song I ever heard of.

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6The Other Side (feat. Cee Lo Green & B.o.B)

it is a cachy song and it is awesome

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7Count On Me Listen to sample
8Liquor Store Blues (feat. Damian Marley)

I love this song! It has a nice catchy reggae beat! Good for parties and just for summer music. This one of the best bruno mars songs!

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9Lighters (Bad Meets Evil) Listen to sample
10Runaway Baby Listen to sample


11The Other Side (feat. Cee Lo Green & B.o.B) Listen to sample
12Our First Time Listen to sample
13Somewhere In Brooklyn Listen to sample
14Don't Give Up

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