Best Stand Up Comedians

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Richard Pryor
2George Carlin
3Lenny Bruce
4Woody Allen
5Chris Rock
6Steve Martin
7Rodney Dangerfield
8Bill Cosby

For sheer replay-abilty, Bill Cosby takes the cake. Even if you know the entire routine by heart, you still enjoy his performance. And unlike other comedians who have to be edge, controversial, profane, etc. to get attention, Cosby gets by from just telling good, lighthearted stories.

9Roseanne Barr
10Eddie Murphy

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11Johnny Carson
12Jerry Seinfeld
13Robin Williams
14Bob Newhart
15David Letterman
16Ellen DeGeneres
17Don Rickles
18Jonathan Winters
19Bill Hicks
20Jeff Foxworthy

He may never end up being ranked among or even considered one of the greats. His content and style simply don't produce critical acclaim. But at the end of the day, Foxworthy has probably made as many if no more people laugh than anyone on this list which really is what stand up is all about.

21Sam Kinison

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