Best Makeup Brands

With so many cosmetics out there, how do you decide what to put on your face? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.



M.A.C. makeup brand is made for every skin type! Its easy to apply and there foundations are the best that I have ever found on the market! This is a high class makeup brand. Nothing is better the M.A.C.!

The top leading make up products in the market. amazing. Simply the best.

Pretty much everybody knows about M.A.C. Its a very popular name brand with highly pigmented eyeshadows, lipsticks and great foundations.

2Urban Decay

I love Urban Decay - their range of eyeshadows are fabulous and glamorous!

"Naked" by Urban Decay is the best eye palette I have found on the market, go from natural to glam in seconds! Amazing! xxx

Don't let the fun packaging and names fool you, UD is a serious makeup brand. They have some of the best eye shadow primer on the market.


They have some of the best skincare out there, and they have makeup for every skin type. Their foundations are amazing, their eye shadows are crease-less, vibrant and smooth, and their lipsticks are soft, and well pigmented.


Best ever and completely organic. I use it all the time and all my customers that ive sold to have said they love it and have no complained over and cream or make up. Everything that they use is organic and instead of breaking out it help me clear up.

The best make up and face cream out Time Defiance


They have everything you could need to make your face up, but their specialty is their face primer. It makes your foundation go on smooth, and you need to use less of it.


Nars has the best blush, and some of the best pigmented eyeshadows out there.

7Too Faced

Fantastic eye makeup.

8Estee Lauder

Highly pigmented eye shadows.

9Tarina Tarantino

She does glam like no one does.


A Swedish makeup brand. It has amazing blushes and some very pigmented eye shadows.


11Mary Kay

All natural skin care! I have a friend who is 63 and looks 40, she has been using Mary Kay since she was 16. It is really amazing stuff.

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