Best Web Browsers

You may take them for granted, or not realize there is a difference between them, but your web browser is very likely the computer program you use the most. Given the amount of work your web browser software does for you, it makes sense to find which browser best suits your needs.

Here is a list of the best web browsers.
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Mozilla Firefox

very good browsers

firefox is really awsome please download it right now. Lightning fast browser! many addons

It's all about the extensions. Firefox's ability to be tweaked and customized however you want it to be make it an indispensable web browser. Even if you use other browsers for most things, you may find yourself returning to Firefox for certain tasks.

2Google Chrome

Great browser for everyday use. Super fast, lightweight, and simply doesn't get in the way. And on top of that, it was built with security in mind. Chrome has a reputation as being the hardest browser for hackers to get through and compromise your computer.


Its very fast and its the same as firefox just faster


it's awsome! try it! it has unity where you can put your own webserver or website on host! anyway, try it!

Visit Opera Website
5Apple Safari
Visit Apple Safari Website
6Microsoft Internet Explorer

The traditional browser which comes with your windows PC! Not as good as Chrome or Firefox but I like it for it is easy to use and good functions.

The 9.0 version is super!

Visit Microsoft Internet Explorer Website

best as well as faster browser.....

Visit K-Meleon Website
8Avant Browser

Best web browser I have ever tested... may be hard to now but test it out.

Visit Avant Browser Website
Visit Flock Website

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